oh i want, i want.

• To travel many places
- (New York, UK, Italy, --Paris, Hawaii, Etc.).
• Happiness.
• Lose Weight. LOL
• Lappy.
• Longer Straight Hair.
• Save Money.
• New Friends.
• True love | Trueheart.
• Wishes come true :/

Note: My List is always changing..

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• Its not always about knowing everything, Its about the adventure of learning the new things.

what her doin today?

Date: 02 Mayo 2012.
Day/Time: Wed|9:40am.

My Feeling: Mixed.
Weather: Sunshine!
Drink: Coffee.
Monitor: Facebook.
Talking With: G.Lorenzo >:)
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Don't you worry, I don't bite! Rawrrr :/ Haha.

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she just wants to let you know that she is far from perfection.


EJAYCRUZ is my name. Asian (obviously) and I don't speak ching chang chong! I'm strong-independent-woman. Taken. Going younger and make wishes on the 26th of July - Lol. Standing at 5’4” in height. Currently living in the most peaceful country in Brunei, but Philippines is my REALhome. A lover of the arts. Graphics and Web Designing is my passion. Music is my escape. GOD IS MY LOVE.

PHYSICALLY-NOT-PERFECT, BUT I HAVE A GOOD & CARING HEART. Very friendly and love making new friends from different cultures. I have my own style and it’s called; KEEP IT SIMPLE! A blur and clumsy girl who makes lots of mistakes. Loves to write anything that comes from my twirlie-twirl mind. I’m the type of person who gives more than I get. Making people happy makes me happy. I love to sing Karaoke. Not choosy when it comes to food. There are 3 things I do love about myself; I don’t play. I give my all, and I love truly.

I treat everyone with love, even those who are rude to me, not because they are not nice, but because I AM NICE. :) I forgive people not because I'm weak; I forgive them because I am strong enough to know people make mistakes...

wanna know more about her?

• Living alone (at early age).
• I'm an Orphan.
• I lost both my parents when I was 5yrs old.
• I started working at a really young age. • I'm different, and because of that I've been bullied half of my life and its still going on. I've always been rejected by people. Though I always try to forgive and understand them.
• I wanna be loved, not played.
• I need someone who can understand, love me and accept me for who I am.
• I love hugs.
• I get bored oh-so-easily.
• The scars on my wrist tell a story.
• I love going on vacation, but I hate packing.Lol :/
• I don't have a lot of happy memories from childhood as I grew up.
• I’m allergic to Prawn/Shrimp.
• I don’t drink milk, but I love coffee.
• I love to take baths and stand in a shower for a really long time. Thinking.
• I am easily hurt, but people can please me easily too.
• I'm silent and shy most of the times but I am really friendly.
• I also love learning different language.
• When I'm mad, I cry.
• I love sticky notes/note cards.
• My biggest fear in life is losing the people that I love the most.
• Making people happy makes me happy.
• Sometimes I wish that I was one of the pretty, popular girls.
• I draw when I’m upset.
• I always daydreaming.
• I run like mad after switching off the light so no one can kill me in the dark.
• I can't swim.
• I like to ride public buses.
• I'm wearing spine braces before.
• I have never smoked. Didn’t even try it!
• Hate Bugs, and Cockroaches, mind'ya there gross.
• Foods make me feel better, sometimes.
• I’ve had (2) surgeries in my life.
• I have thought about killing myself in the past.
• I really hate when it’s hot outside.
• I love tomato ketchup.
• I sleep with a pillow between my legs.
• I cut my nails really short, so short most people think I bite them.
• I have few Nepali, Chinese, and Malaysian friends.
• I love anything that smells like Raspberries and Chocolates.
• I tend to trust people easily.
• I want to go to Hawaii, UK, New York, Nepal, Spain, Italy, Paris, Etc.., someday.
• I'm pretty sensitive, and hurt easily.
• I wearing geeky glasses, sometimes.
• Love sticking my butt on the chair in front of the computer. Haha
• I like to take road trips because I feel justified in buying a whole load of crappy food and eating the --entire time we are driving.
• I am one of the most unlucky person in the world.
• I have a good-heart.